Sun coverage: 'Hairspray'

Based on the Broadway musical of the John Waters movie, 'Hairspray' stars John Travolta, Nikki Blonsky and Amanda Bynes. Check out our coverage of the movie and the musical.

  • Why did Oscars leave 'Hairspray' high and dry?

    Not a single Oscar nomination for Hairspray? Something's not right here. No disrespect to the five Best Picture contenders, but Hairspray was more fun and displayed more energy than any of them. This musical ode to the transcendent joys of dance and desegregation in early-'60s Baltimore was a pure...

  • 'Hair' apparent

    'Hair' apparent

    The musical version of John Waters' ode to Baltimore will have you dancing in the streets

  • Taking his 'fabulousness' in stride

    Zac Efron understands that he may be the luckiest teenager on the planet right now. He's certainbly among the most adored, judging by the flock of teenage girls that showed up outside the Charles Theatre for Wednesday night's Baltimore premiere of Hairspray. Those who managed to get close to Efron,...

  • Yes, it's Toronto. Get over it, already

    It's time to get over the hurt from not having Hairspray shot in Baltimore. Yes, it would have been great to have the movie shot in the city where it is set, in the hometown of the man who first brought its characters to life, in the place where beehive hairdos and people calling each other "hon"...

  • John Waters interview excerpts

    Sun movie critic Michael Sragow talks to Baltimore filmmaker

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