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Baltimore Bucket List -- Printable version

Print this list out and keep it with you at all times. You never know when you'll have the opportunity to check another item off your list.

1. Enjoy cinema al fresco ___

2. See a movie at The Senator Theatre -- while you still can ___

3. Spend a rainy day watching movies at The Charles Theatre, all day ___

4. Catch a triple feature at The Bengies ___

5. Stop and smell the flowers at Sherwood Gardens ___

6. Wait in line for breakfast at Jimmy's ___

7. Watch a thunderstorm or snowstorm from the bar at the 13th Floor ___

8. Take the Fells Point ghost tour ___

9. Tour the Westminster Burying Grounds & Catacombs on Halloween ___

10. Play hooky to attend Orioles Opening Day ___

11. Walk -- don't just drive by -- The holiday lights on Hampden's 34th St. ___

12. Play bocce in Little Italy ___

13. Be a Guinea pig at Baltimore School of Massage ___

14. Take part in all-you-can eat night at Vaccaro's ___

15. Go to Corradetti Glassblowing Studios and make something ___

16. Go to HonFest in full-on Hon regalia ___

17. Make a you-know-what of yourself on a Segs in the City tour ___

18. Try out for the Charm City Roller Girls ___

19. Tell a story at The Stoop Storytelling Series ___

20. Get invited to watch a Ravens game from a personal suite ___

21. Meet John Waters ___

22. Create a masterpiece and have it displayed at the BMA ___

23. Charter a fishing boat and go crabbing ___

24. Tryout for Ravens cheerleaders ___

25. Enter AVAM's Kinetic Sculpture Race ___

26. Take a sailing lesson ___

27. Attend a wedding at the Peabody Library ____

28. Perform at Night of 100 Elvises ___

29. Be an extra in a TV series filmed here ___

30. Get a tattoo at Baltimore Tattoo Museum ___

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