Katie takes the Roadblock, and she has to immerse herself in a theatrical maze to find the clue. First, she tells the doorman who said the quote, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” (JFK) He gives her a magical coin and then she goes through an ominous door.

There are flickering neon lights, strange masks, weird dolls, dangling cables, ladders, and tunnels. Your basic funhouse on crack. Katie says, “Someone’s gonna jump out and they’re gonna get hurt because I’m just gonna punch them.” I would like to see that. After she finds the clue and gets out of the labyrinth, she tells Max it was her worst nightmare come true.

The Moms get lost driving to the maze, so Joey and Meghan get there next. Joey doesn’t know who said the quote so he starts asking around the bar. One drunk old man paws him and says, “I thought you were the cat police.” Oh, Berlin.

When Joey is inside, he laughs and calls it a giant creepy funhouse, “the top Roadblock of Amazing Race history!” He tells Meghan afterwards that they need to come back to Berlin and do the maze together.

Jennifer takes the Roadblock for the Singers, and says, “[This is] probably what it felt like to be doing drugs.”

Mona and Beth finally find it, and Beth takes the Roadblock. She also notes the trippiness of the maze, and pauses to say, “Don’t ever do drugs.” She’s a mom, she has to say that.

Hey, Beth, who’s over your shoulder? It’s Anthony! After nine tries they passed the train task. Beth and Anthony do the maze together and finish at the same time.

Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs!

The Pit Stop is a busy street with a long name that I didn’t copy, but Phil says it’s known as the Fifth Avenue of Berlin. Max and Katie get there first, and the greeter is a hot dog vendor. Really. He doesn’t have a cart on wheels but a tray strapped to his neck and waist. I wish Phil told us more about the greeter. Oh, Max and Katie win cars.

Joey and Meghan are second, and Caroline and Jennifer finish third, saying, “How did that happen?”

After the labyrinth, Bates and Anthony decide to just follow Mona and Beth in their car, “and then beat them in a foot race.” Oh, dirty players! Not really dirty, but, rude! Mona and Beth know what’s happening but they can’t really lose the other car in the traffic.

It comes down to a footrace, and Bates and Anthony win. Mona and Beth join them at the Mat. Phil tells Bates and Anthony, “I have some bad news for you,” and you can see their minds racing to see if they made a mistake and incurred a penalty.

But, nope, surprise! “You have to keep racing against these two,” because it’s a non-elimination! Phew! It would have sucked for them to lose that way. Of course, now Mona and Beth are out to get Bates and Anthony. It’s convenient that next week has a Double U-Turn, then. Let’s see how the alliances play out then, shall we?

Oh, and next week is in Scotland, with all the bagpipes and haggis you could want. Even more than you want. Join me!