Destination ski

Winter is coming. The skin-bearing clothing we've come to appreciate has all but disappeared, replaced by boxy jackets and woolly sweaters. Lemonade has been traded out for hot chocolate, and it looks as though Santa Claus has thrown up on over every store in sight. But all is not lost. Ski season is almost here, which means it's time to grab your poles out of the attic and dust off those snowboards. We've narrowed down the 10 best ski resorts within driving distance of Baltimore. Some places keep it tried and true with their skiing and snowboarding options, while others offer a variety of activities -- from zip lining to tubing -- to keep you busy on and off the slopes. All of these resorts have some great deals and awesome events that are sure to bring out your love for the approaching winter season. So whether you're planning to cruise the bunny slopes or you think you're the next Shaun White, you'll be out shreddin' the slopes in no time after our ski guidebook. -- By Patrick Farrell and Emma Schkloven
Ben Blankenburg /Wintergreen
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