Walters Art Museum awarded $913K in grants

The Walters Art Museum announced Monday that it's been awarded $913,000 in grants to support renovations and exhibitions at the museum, including a special show on Islamic art scheduled to open next year.

That sum is made up of six individual donations — four from government agencies and two from private foundations — Walters spokeswoman Mona Rock said in a news release.

The bulk of the money, $500,000 will be used to support "Pearls on a String: Art and Relationship in the Islamic World," which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015.

An additional $250,000 will be used to help pay expenses for an exhibit opening this fall exploring the legacy of museum founders William and Henry Walters, who bequeathed their home, art gallery and 22,000-item collection to the city of Baltimore.

The remaining $163,000, Rock wrote, will pay for an evaluation of the museum's outmoded climate control systems and to repair the stone façade of the Hackerman House, one of the three joined buildings in which the museum is housed.

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