Celebrating Halloween with a taste of Marschner's opera 'Der Vampyr'

In lieu of my Wednesday Midweek Madness post, I figured I would wait a day so I could take note of Halloween. And what better way than with a little bite from Heinrich Marschner's "Der Vampyr"?

This 1828 opera, which had some popularity back in the day, has a pretty cool story about Lord Ruthven, a vampire causing havoc in England -- decades before Bram Stoker imagined a visit by Count Dracula.

I saw the opera ages ago, and I vaguely recall that it contained some cool things. Lots of Weber resonances, even a foretaste of Wagner's "Flying Dutchman." I'd like to see it again someday -- could be a fun project for, say, Peabody Opera, don't you think? Performed right around Halloween, of course.

Meanwhile, enjoy this promo for a "Der Vampyr" production in Holland several years ago. It provides  a taste of the music, and an oh-so-scary video to go with it. 

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