Some tense music to go with the Met's contract negotiations

All across the globe, worried Metropolitan Opera fans, not to mention assorted pundits and politicians, are caught up in the suspense of the company's testy contract negotiations with its many unions.

Last night's late-hour reprieve -- management agreed to extend talks for 72-hours, rather than impose a lockout at midnight -- has only revved up the anxiety even more.

To provide an appropriate soundtrack for these tense times, I offer one of the greatest examples of musical tension in all of opera, Siegmund's extended cry of "Walse!" during Act 1 of Wagner's "Die Walkure."

And, thanks to a diligent YouTube uploader known as rexeterna, you can really get all caught up in the suspense by listening to no less than 13 tenors tackling this scene. Think of all the fun you can have judging these guys and choosing a winner (as if it anybody wouldn't choose Melchior, hands down). This will surely will help take your mind off of the uncertain Met. Until the next news bulletin, at least. 

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