An American tour of the production in 2008 did not end up on Broadway as announced; another tour is being put together next season.

"The first one went out before all the rights issues were resolved," Daniel said. "Although the new tour has yet to launch, investors are very excited about it."

"Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage" will play the Hippodrome from May 12 to 24, 2015.

Another new-to-Baltimore product is the tribute to the TV sitcom "I Love Lucy." The staging aims to re-create the Desilu studio and what audiences witnessed there during the live taping of the show. Two "I Love Lucy" episodes from 1952 are re-enacted during this production, which will be at the Hippodrome from Oct. 14 to 26.

"It's a fun, slightly different show for us, more a play with music," Daniel said. "I decided to take a chance on it. I don’t expect the show to sell at 'Wicked' level, but I think we can do two weeks here."

Speaking of "Wicked," the third Baltimore run for this popular musical, a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz," will be April 1 through 26, 2015.

"Honestly, it seems this show won't stop," Daniel said. "Many cities are on to their fourth or fifth engagement."

Daniel is not expecting a post-"Mormon" decline in subscriptions for 2014-2015.

"We had anticipated a large increase in our subscription base with 'Book of Mormon' and 'War Horse' on the season, but we didn't get it," Daniel said. "I imagine 'Mormon's' long engagement in D.C. had something to do with that. We saw a subscription renewal rate for [2013-2014] of about 80 percent, as we usually do. I think we will probably stay around 9,000 subscribers."

A year ago, there was talk of supplementing the Broadway series at the Hippodrome with appearances by the Pennsylvania Ballet during the 2013-2014 season. That did not materialize.

"We are still in discussions, but we want to ensure they enter the market appropriately," Daniel said. Such issues as audience development and financial risk are still being evaluated.

Meanwhile, Daniel is looking ahead to 2015-2016, which is likely to include "Motown: The Musical," as well as "Kinky Boots."

"I am always looking for shows, always asking," he said.

Subscription renewals will begin next month. New subscriptions, priced at $149.50 to $694.50 (higher for grand suites seating), will go on sale Feb. 24. Visit the Hippodrome box office at 12 N. Eutaw St.; call 800-343-3103; or go to