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Celebrating 50th anniversary of 'Funny Girl' on Broadway

For us Streisand fanatics, "Funny Girl" is an especially big deal. The musical provided an ideal platform for her talents, and she sure made the most of it. (I was too young and too far away to be there, but from the first time I heard the original cast recording, I felt as if I could envision the whole production.) 

"Funny Girl" opened exactly 50 years ago today -- March 26, 1964 -- at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway. To mark this milestone, I offer my favorite moment from the score, "Who Are You Now."

The song was replaced in the film version, unfortunately, so it is not as well known as it might have been. I have always considered this ballad a gem of melody and lyrics, and, needless to say, I don't think it could get a more poignant performance that the one delivered a half-century ago by "the greatest star."


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