Wildlife: PETA offers humane tips for keeping wildlife out of your home

Keep wildlife safely and humanely out of your home, using these tips from PETA ... People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals at www.peta.org:

Cap your chimney with a screen. When birds sit on top of a chimney for warmth, they can inhale toxic fumes, which can cause them to lose consciousness and fall in and die. Raccoons sometimes seek shelter in chimneys, so this small precaution will also keep them out.

Keep mice and rats from moving indoors by sealing holes and cracks that are larger than 1/4-inch wide using hardware cloth, foam sealant, or steel wool. Trim brush away from homes and store firewood, barbecue grills, and outdoor furniture away from buildings. If you think you have a little visitor, place ammonia-soaked cotton balls and rags throughout infested areas. Be sure to seal all holes once the animal leaves.

For squirrels, pigeons, and other wildlife, provide nest boxes that can help resident animals stay warm and keep wildlife away from homes. Strobe lights and outdoor radios will deter birds and mammals from taking up residence in attics, sheds or garages.

Make sure trash can lids are secure, and always feed your cats and dogs indoors.

Feeding wildlife can often do more harm than good because it causes animals to congregate unnaturally and become tame, which subjects them to cruel acts, disease, or predation.

Antifreeze is appealing to some animals, but it's deadly. Use nontoxic coolant that's made from propylene glycol, not ethylene glycol.

Squirrels, opossums, and even cats sometimes sleep under the hoods of cars during cold weather. To be safe, check under the hood before starting the engine to make sure that no one is hiding there.

If you've set humane catch-and-release mousetraps, check them frequently so that mice don't suffer without food or water and die from thirst or hunger. These traps should also be removed before cold weather sets in since animals who are released outdoors during extreme weather can die from exposure.

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