Milestone victories

Win No. 1: Sept. 24, 1971 The game: Hampton 28, Pembroke 0.

President at time: Richard Nixon.

In the news: The New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers, Jim Morrison dies in Paris, Disney World opens in Florida, Snoop Dogg is born.

Billboard's No. 1 song: "Go Away Little Girl," by Donny Osmond.

Notable: Alex Hill, who Smith still insists is the best running back who ever played in the Peninsula District, rushes for 92 yards and three touchdowns vs. Pembroke as the Crabbers rise to 1-2.

Win No. 100: Oct. 16, 1981 The game: Hampton 28, Denbigh 7.

President at time: Ronald Reagan.

In the news: Sandra Day O'Connor, now the chancellor at W&M, becomes the first female justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is assassinated, Luke marries Laura on "General Hospital."

No. 1 song: "Arthur's Theme," by Christopher Cross.

Notable: Smith improves to 100-18-2 in 10 1/2 years. The Crabbers go 14-0 and win state title No. 3 under him.

Win No. 200: Oct. 20, 1990 The game: Hampton 41, Ferguson 0.

President at time: George Bush (the first one).

In the news: Iraq invades Kuwait to trigger the Gulf War, East Germany and West Germany become just Germany, Margaret Thatcher resigns as prime minister, Soulja Boy is born.

No. 1 song: "Ice Ice Baby," by Vanilla Ice (seriously).

Notable: It takes Smith only 20 seasons to win 200 games. The fastest anyone had done it before him was 31 seasons.

Win No. 300: Sept. 18, 1999 The game: Hampton 52, Bethel 0.

President at time: Bill Clinton.

In the news: JFK Jr. dies in a plane crash, Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France, the world's population reaches 6 billion, Prince Nikolai of Denmark is born (hey, we're reaching).

No. 1 song: "Unpretty," by TLC.

Notable: And it takes him only 29 years to reach 300. The Crabbers fall short in their bid for a fifth state title in a row, losing 20-17 to Culpeper in overtime in a stunning semifinal upset.

Win No. 400: Nov. 8, 2008 The game: Hampton 35, Indian River 0.

President at the time: The second George Bush, though Barack Obama was elected four days earlier.

In the news: Obama wins a one-sided presidential election against John McCain, the economy struggles toward a recession.

No. 1 song: "Live Your Life," by T.I., featuring Rihanna.

Notable: Questionable all week going into the game, Tron Martinez rushes for 213 yards for the Crabbers.

Win No. 1: Sept. 24, 1971 Win No. 100: Oct. 16, 1981 Win No. 200: Oct. 20, 1990 Win No. 300: Sept. 18, 1999 Win No. 400: Nov. 8, 2008

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