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Tennis: Davidson, Suffolk players lead Hampton Roads team to first-round Mid-Atlantic Sectional victory at 5.0

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Singles player Ryan Davidson of Virginia Beach and the Suffolk doubles tandem of captain Brian Rowe and Jan Talian won Friday to give Rowe’s squad a 2-1 win over Montgomery County (Md.) at 5.0-plus – the highest rating contested – in the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section 18-and-over league championships, based at Huntington Park in Newport News.

Round-robin champs in each category advance to the nationals.

The tournament continues through Monday on a busy week of tennis in Hampton Roads.

Christopher Newport University is hosting a boys 18-and-under MAS Challenger from Saturday through Monday, and William and Mary's McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center and a Virginia Beach club (Little Neck) are hosting junior events.

Results from Huntington Park and Heritage High in Newport News. Teams are listed by their location and/or captain. Divisions are based on the National Tennis Rating Program's 7-point scale:
Lynchburg 3, Howard (Md.) 0; Norfolk 2, Montgomery (Md.) 1.
Shenandoah 4, D.C. 1; NOVA (Northern Va.) 4, Howard (Md.) 1; Montgomery (Md.) 4, D.C. 1; Shenandoah 3, Montgomery 2.
Kohstall (Richmond) 3, Yen (Anne Arundel, Md.) 2; D.C. 3, Cahouet (Anne Arundel) 2; Yen 3, Kelley (Richmond) 2; Kohstall 3, Kelley 2.

Shenandoah 3, D.C. 2; NOVA 4, Montgomery 1; Shenandoah 3, Howard 2; Howard 3, D.C. 2.
Hodges (Montgomery) 4, Loudoun 1; Eldridge (Richmond) 4, Rubino (Montgomery) 1; Root (Richmond) 3, D.C. 2; Loudoun 3, Rubino 2; D.C. 3, Eldridge 2; Hodges 3, Root 2.
Charles County (Md.) 4, Turchiano (NOVA) 1; Montgomery 3, D.C. 2; Charles County 3, Finkelstein (NOVA) 2; Finkelstein 4, Turchiano 1.

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