Down the line (Sonny Dearth's blog): Conference dominoes: What will happen if VCU, George Mason go to the Atlantic 10? Got any ideas?

The rumors are hot again: Will VCU, George Mason and Butler jump to the Atlantic 10?

That would give the A-10 the three schools that have combined for four recent stunning appearances in the Final Four. But it would leave the Colonial Athletic Association in a mess, would it not?

Here are some questions I've though about:

If VCU and George Mason go to the Atlantic 10, does the CAA men's basketball tournament leave Richmond?

Would the A-10 tournament go to Richmond?

Do VCU fans really want to drive to Brooklyn every year to watch the A-10 tournament, which is what they'll have to do?

I didn't think the majority of VCU fans would be in favor of a move to Atlantic 10. But a poll on the Twitter feed @VCURamNation says 80 percent of about 500 people are in favor of it.

The CAA (in men's basketball anyway) needs VCU and probably Mason more than those universities need the CAA. Commissioner Tom Yeager had better realize that and step up. If VCU and Mason leave, might ODU depart? Would the Wild West ensue?

The CAA tournament has been incredibly fun since VCU got so good -- just ask many of my friends in Richmond. I'd hate to see it messed with. What do you guys think?

Here's another take on the situation:

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