London benches 3 starters for missing classes

Daily Press

Virginia special teams coordinator and safeties coach Anthony Poindexter doesn't need any further clues about just how serious coach Mike London is about keeping players' noses in the books.

Poindexter saw starting safety Corey Mosley get benched for last weekend's 48-21 win against Eastern Michigan for poor class attendance along with center Anthony Mihota and defensive end Zane Parr, both fellow starters. Mihota and Parr eventually played in the game, but Mosley sat out the entire evening.

"I think everybody realizes now coach ain't playing about academics here," Poindexter said. "He's not playing about doing things the right way off the field. If you don't want to do it the right way, well, we'll take playing time away from you."

Poindexter, who played at U.Va. from 1994-98 under former coach George Welsh, said London's approach reminds him a lot of how Welsh used to handle discipline-related matters.

"(Welsh) had rules, and if you broke the rules, you paid the price," Poindexter said. "I was terrified of Coach Welsh. I never wanted to get on his bad side."

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