Revolutionary War artifacts from Gloucester Point to go on display

A splendid collection of Revolutionary War artifacts unearthed in Gloucester Point will be put on public display to commemorate the Battle of the Hook event.

The artifacts include a British bayonet and .69 caliber musket balls -- .69 caliber! -- a 63rd Infantry cartridge box plate, 64th Infantry uniform button and coinage that dates to prior to the Revolutionary War.

Thousands of Revolutionary War artifacts were unearthed during digging in 2005 on the campus of Virginia Institute of Marine Science in preparation for construction of a 46,000-square-foot lab.

A total of 28 artifacts will be on loan from the VIMS collection to be put on public display thanks to a financial contribution from EVB, said Hilton Snowdon, tourism coordinator for Gloucester Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

An unveiling of the poster for the Gloucester Point Revolutionary War artifact collection will be held on Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Watermen's Hall on the VIMS campus, Snowdon said. Representatives from EVB, VIMS, the Battle of the Hook Committee and others will attend the presentation. 

The 28 artifacts will be on display during the Battle of the Hook reenactment at Warner Hall on Oct. 18-20. Following that they will be on display at the Gloucester Museum of History on Main Street.


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