Small savings add up over time

On the Cheap

The message from readers of On the Cheap this week is that there are numerous little ways to save.

And readers also urge that you don't have to give up all forms of entertainment, even if you're currently in an austerity zone.

Be creative, share and recycle!Magazines and newspapers: A Williamsburg reader urges people to turn their annoyance with the perfume pull-outs in magazines into a lasting pleasure, and writes, "I put them in my bureau drawers and also in my letter-writing supplies. They last a long time."

From Connie Kost, "One of the things I do to get a little more use out of magazines is to take them to the local hospitals for their waiting rooms. Many of my family now save magazines to give me to take. I can get children's magazines like Discovery Kids, men's magazines like Family Handyman, women's magazines like Family Circle and general all-around magazines like Newsweek or Time. Many hospitals will take them through their volunteers."

Elizabeth Bocka of Hampton has discovered that ---- after reading ---- the Daily Press makes a great liner for the bottom of her bird cages. She also uses it to scoop out used cat litter.

Cooking tips: One Newport News reader cuts off the oven about 10 to 15 minutes before the cooking time is up to save on power. Then she uses the residual heat to good effect: "Once I take out the roast or whatever, I leave the oven door open to heat up the kitchen. I've done this for years," she writes.

Entertainment: Gina Ashline of Yorktown reminds people that local public libraries "rent movies for free. ... They have a great updated selection of videos and DVDs." She adds that libraries also have CDs that you can borrow.

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