HU football team explains disappointing homecoming game

Daily Press

By Jessica Boyd

Quarterback injuries mean bleak prospects for the Hampton Pirates. Last weekend's homecoming game against Bethune-Cookman was the third consecutive loss for the Pirates. This is a big shift from the beginning of the season, during which the team held a five-game winning streak.

At a press conference held in Hampton University's football stadium today, Coach Donovan Rose discussed the upset and the prospects for the rest of the season.

Two of the team's four quarterbacks are badly injured, and a third may not be able to pick up the slack because of less severe injuries of his own.

When asked how he planned to deal with the team's unfortunate situation, Rose said, "Football is a physical game. You have to account for injuries. Prepare the next guy."

Rose is hoping that starting quarterback David Legree will be back to health and able to play this weekend.

In the loss to Bethune-Cookman, the Pirates had five turnovers, including four lost fumbles. Hampton had fumbled just once in its first seven games. Rose said "I am disappointed," but that the team should "get over it."

Still, all hope is not lost. The team has an upcoming game against Florida A&M University, which it destroyed last year, 25-0. Rose is hoping that the team can deliver once again. He has faith in his team's abilities despite the injuries, and hopes to end the season 7-4.

When referring to the upcoming game against FAMU, Rose said, "We can't win the championship, but we're gonna smack you!"

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