Hampton University's Connell Maynor: Foundation is built on support

New Hampton University coach Connell Maynor believes that the school possesses the necessary ingredients to build a championship program. The foundation, he said, is support from the administration and athletic department. School prez Dr. William Harvey is nothing, if not involved in athletics, which he has always viewed as the front porch, or maybe the gazebo, of the university house. New athletic director Eugene Marshall Jr. has a track record of supporting his coaches and improving facilities. Maynor assembled a quality coaching staff, made up of trusted confidants and mentors with whom he has worked in the past, such as defensive coordinator Kenny Phillips and assistant head coach John Eder. Facilities are more than adequate, Maynor said, and cites the new artificial turf surface at Armstrong Stadium. The school's lofty reputation and picturesque setting broaden the recruiting footprint. Next is stocking the roster with more and better players. "I tell people all the time, it's not rocket science," Maynor said. "If my Xs are bigger than your Os, I'm going to beat you. If your Os are bigger than my Xs, you're probably going to beat me. You've got to have players. When the talent's even, that's when coaching comes into play."

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