Gloucester, Mathews alcohol sales return to 2010 levels

After taking a dip last year, alcohol sales in Gloucester and Mathews returned to about the levels of two years ago, according to reports from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

In the 2012 fiscal year, the three Gloucester and Mathews ABC stores sold a combined 70,135 gallons of liquor, according to an ABC annual report. The stores had gross sales of $4,303,381.

The three stores sold 67,719 gallons of liquor in the 2011 fiscal year, with gross sales of $4,297,180, according to an ABC annual report.

In the 2010 fiscal year, the three stores sold 70,017 gallons of liquor and had gross sales of $4,368,819, according to an ABC annual report.

One of the more intriguing bits of data out of all this is that residents in Gloucester and Mathews appear to be buying cheaper liquor. Here's the average price of liquor, per gallon, purchased at the three ABC stores in Gloucester and Mathews over the past three years:

--2012 -- $61.36

--2011 -- $63.45

--2010 -- $62.40

So while 2012 liquor sales were the highest of any of the three years in terms of gallons, the price per gallon was the lowest. Still, at $61.36 per gallon, it gives a little perspective to what we pay at the pump for gasoline.

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