Gloucester receives $1 million for road work

The Virginia Department of Transportation has awarded up to $1 million to Gloucester County for work at the intersection of T.C. Walker Road and Route 17.

Under the terms of the award, VDOT will pay half of the total construction costs of the road work up to $1 million, said Scott Shorland, construction manager for the school system. Gloucester County will provide matching funds as part of the construction of the new Page Middle School on T.C. Walker Road.

The work at the intersection includes widening and extending lanes along Route 17 near the intersection and the widening of T.C. Walker Road from Route 17 to beyond the entrance to the new school, Shorland said.

A traffic light at the intersection of T.C. Walker Road and Route 17 will be paid by VDOT, Shorland said.

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