Boston's Original Chocolate Tour


When Boston's Old Town Trolley makes its first stop on Saturdays, the sugar rush starts. The Trolley is boxy, lumbering, and slow but this is a sweet ride. "I'm a "Professor of Chocology", exclaimed Head Tour Driver Ted Galo who leads Boston's Original Chocolate Tour. Galo, a nine year vet of the Tour Company said, "we're gonna start the tour by explaining to you the history of chocolate, where does chocolate come from?" Galo added, "all through the process of picking the tree and the beans until you get the finished product of chocolate."

The first stop on the tour is the elegant Top of the Hub Restaurant, 52 stories up in the famed Prudential Tower, there we're met by the white cooking clad, "Chef Magnifique". The Chef, who is really Old Town staffer Evan O'Brien, injects a faux French accent and even more energy as he leads the our group of about a dozen to the top of the tower. At the Top of the Hub, panorama meets palette and guests sample the chocolate offerings of esteemed pastry chef Tommy Choi. Choi prepared pistachio layer mousse cake and chocolate rice pudding that received rave reviews.

Next stop, the fabled Omni Parker House Hotel where the State Dessert was the main course -- Boston Cream Pie. As we continue to add up the calories, Galo offers more history, the Parker House is the place where JFK proposed to Jackie O. Finally the tour takes you to the Langham House where they expand your chocolate options and your waistline. The Langham is home to the "Chocolate Bar" where guests can top off their tour with over 120 varieties of all things chocolate. Galo said, "The good thing is everyone who gets off this trolley, oh yeah they might be waddling, their pants may be open, but they are smiling!"

The Boston's Original Chocolate Tour runs every Saturday from January through April 24th. The cost is $80 per person. For more info go to

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