3-point showdown: Allie Quigley vs. Mr. Rec League

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Think you could beat a WNBA player at a 3-point contest? I recently got the opportunity to prove my skills against the Sky's Allie Quigley, a 5-foot-10 sharpshooter, at Allstate Arena.

We set up our showdown like the NBA All-Star game: 5 shots each from 5 locations. Whoever makes the most shots from each location receives a point. Therefore. There are 5 total points available.

Going into this, I fully expect to get smoked. My ego is not so inflated where I believed my rec ball-level skills, which I keep sharp by playing once a week, are enough to defeat someone who has been firing 200 shots a day since high school, played in college and plays professionally.

Allie goes first. She nails all 5 shots, whereas I rustily hit 1 of 5. I haven't warmed up and am still adjusting to the smaller women's ball. It's not the start I was looking for and everything I thought going in is quickly being confirmed.

1-0 Allie.

She follows up by hitting 3 of 5 at the second location. Seeing a small window I find my stroke. I hit 3 of my first 4 and with an opportunity to take the point, I miss my final shot. If only I had more "Big Shot" Bob Horry in me.

The score is now 1-0-1 Allie.

The next location is from the top of the circle, which is pretty much a 3-point layup. I expect this to be a formality for her.

In the words of Chris Berman, "that's why they play the game."

Allie only hits 2 of 5 and like Johnny Football at a frat party, it's on! I nail 1, 2, 3, 4 in a row and the "uh-ohs" start to ring out from the peanut gallery at Allstate.

Since I already had the point, I got a little cocky and on my 5th shot and tried to hold up my finger after shooting the last ball, like Larry Bird in the 1988 3-point contest. I miss, but it doesn't matter.

I'm on the board and we've got a game. The score is 1-1-1.

Just when I thought that I was going to be able to put something on my life's resume that few guys could, I quickly got put back in my place. Allie finds her groove and nails all 5 shots. Damn. I guess that pro shooter thing is no joke.

I make only 3 of 5 and I'm now playing for a tie. The score is 2-1-1 Allie.

Going into the last location, I was just hoping to have a chance. She's already nailed all 5 in two locations so I need a little luck.

Allie hits just 3 of 5. In the words of Lloyd Christmas, "so you are saying there's a chance!"

I nail my first three in a row from the corner. The crowd is going nuts-ish. I've got two shots for the tie.

The first feels good but I miss.

Last chance. No pressure.

I hoist the shot and the second it leaves my hand I know I've missed it. We tie this round and it's game over.

Allie wins, 2-1-2.

She ends up nailing 18 of 25 shots (72 percent) and I hit 14 of 25 (56 percent). I'm happy with my performance, but the fact I had opportunities and didn't capitalize is still driving me nuts.

You'd better stay sharp, Ms. Quigley, I'm gonna be gunning for you!

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