Rick Bayless

What do you think of when you think of Chicago?

Neighborhoods and good food. Home.

Who is an author you'd like to meet, dead or alive?

Since I am a cookbook writer, I have met Julia Child, and would love to see her again.

What's the worst question you've ever been asked in an interview?

"What is your favorite food or dish?" I can't stand it.

Can you describe a random or unexpected experience you've had while promoting a book?

Probably at a booksigning in Phoenix -- a guy asked me to sign his drivers license as his second signature for organ donation ...

Do you listen to music while you write? What music?

YES! All kinds -- depends on my mood. When I was writing the Rick and Lanie book I would tune into pop, fun music like Fountains of Wayne, when I am writing headnotes & recipes, I am a sucker for Pink Martini.

How do you celebrate after you've finished a book?

Could be a glass of champagne -- or we have done cool book parties in our yard. That's fun. To see the recipes in living color!

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