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When I heard Todd Selby was planning to release "Edible Selby," a food-driven companion to his first book,I was curious.

I had grown addicted to poring over the pages of his first book, "The Selby Is in Your Place," which documented the homes and work spaces of creative people. I discovered something new each time I paged through. I had been suffering a bit of foodie fatigue, but "Edible Selby" offered a dose of fizzy refreshment.

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"I just think that there's a lot of really interesting creative energy in the food world," Selby said by phone recently from Dubai. "It's a place that's filled with so many artists, and people are just starting to appreciate that now. It's not just about these people who are making the best food. These people have a certain aesthetic vision. My biggest worry going into the book is it would be a bunch of chefs in stainless steel kitchens chopping vegetables. I managed to not do that. I really wanted to capture these people's personalities."

That's exactly what Selby does. From the sea forager who catches fish in storm drains in San Francisco to chef Grant Achatz here in Chicago, Selby creates vignettes that tell their stories through gorgeous photographs and hand-written notes. Each section includes a hand-written Q&A with chefs, foragers, bakers, chocolate makers — folks who are thoughtful about the food they sell. Their passion radiates from every page of "Edible Selby." It's the very definition of a satiating read.

Jennifer Day is editor of Printers Row Journal.

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"Edible Selby"

By Todd Selby, Abrams, 295 pages, $35

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