Lakshman Adusumilli

India-born Lakshman Adusumilli was a student in the Rush Medical Center graduate program and living with his parents in Orland Park in 1991 when he was charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing the mother of his child with a knife and beating her with a hammer.

Adusumilli had no criminal history and had been accepted to the University of Illinois medical school.

Relatives put down Adusumilli's $50,000 bond deposit. He was required to surrender his passport and was forbidden to leave the county. But somehow, Adusumilli managed to flee to Canada and was eventually traced to India.

Orland Park police Chief Timothy McCarthy told the Tribune in an email that "this remains an active case." But a federal warrant for Adusumilli's arrest was dismissed by the U.S. Attorney's Office in 2007 on the grounds that "the Cook County State's Attorney advised the FBI it was not pursuing the case," court records show.

Today, with the case status unclear, Adusumilli remains at large.


David Jackson and Gary Marx, Tribune reporters,

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