Arrests in Baltimore for illegal guns often lead to dropped charges or little jail time

1) Jameson Evans, 26, copy editor, South Loop

Is your jacket on the "love" list? "Yeah. I heard it was a Southwest pilot's jacket. I'm trying to find some wings to put on it. It's from an Army-Navy surplus store in Aurora, for $8. Eight dollars for a weird jacket that nobody else has got. "I'm kind of going for a little bachelor look — but nobody's catching on." Other recent purchases you love? "I always find something at French Connection at Water Tower. Like these corduroy pants. I wear them like three times a week." Anything you've bought lately that you hate? "Well, my phone. I've got a BlackBerry that I bought from Verizon. I've gone through five phones in nine months. The screen keeps breaking."
Beth Rooney, Chicago Tribune
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