'Walter's Perspective' by Walter Jacobson

In a town where politics is local sport, Walter Jacobson had a ringside seat, and he shares it in his new book, "Walter's Perspective: A Memoir of Fifty Years in Chicago TV News." Earning his stripes at the City News Bureau as a reporter, he skyrocketed to television, where he became a commentator and anchor. With co-anchor Bill Kurtis, Jacobson enjoyed TV's glory in its golden age.

Jacobson has stories about collisions with at least four mayors — and he didn't stop with elected officials.

There's humor in some of these stories, but Jacobson also reminds readers that journalism is important, noble and worth defending.

In the end, readers will love the sweep of this memoir, one written with a winning voice and perspective. Perhaps this could be expected. Can one think of another newscaster who could endure, even flourish, with the nickname "Skippy"?

'Walter's Perspective'

By Walter Jacobson

Foreword by Bill Kurtis

Southern Illinois University Press, 181 pages, $24.95

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