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$10,409,171 | Gregory Case, chief executive and president of Aon Corp.

Salary: $1,500,000 Bonus: $0 Stock awards: $5,737,928 Options awards: $1,139,885 Non-equity incentive pay: $1,950,000 Other pay: $81,358 Perks included in other pay: Legal fees to negotiate employment contract ($25,000), contributions to Aon savings plan ($22,350), dividend equivalents ($26,412) and executive physical ($7,576). How the company did in 2009: Aon reported net income fell 49 percent to $747 million. Revenues were nearly flat at $7.6 billion. Aon's stock dropped in value by 14 percent during the year closing at $38.34. Photo: Greg Case. (Wes Pope/Chicago Tribune)
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