Solveig Øvstebø, executive director, The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago

Solveig Øvstebø has been appointed executive director of The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago. Øvstebø is currently the director of Bergen Kunsthall, a premier avant garde contemporary art space in her native Norway. She is expected to start at The Renaissance Society in June 2013, and will serve as the chief curator and oversee museum operations and a staff of eight. She will be responsible for the museum's overall management, including its exhibitions and programs, its physical, financial and human resources, and its future growth and development. Øvstebø, an art historian and curator, has served as the director of Bergen Kunsthall since 2003, developing it into one of the main European contemporary art institutions with a focus on production, research and discourse. Øvstebø has also taught art theory and art history at the art academies of Helsinki, Finland, and Bergen, Norway, and has written and lectured extensively on contemporary art. She is a board member of Arts Council Norway and was head organizer of the Bergen Biennnial Conference in Bergen, Norway, in September 2009, which led to the anthology The Biennial Reader which she edited together with Elena Filipovic and Marieke Van Hal.
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