$10,735,904 | Bruce A. Carbonari, chairman and CEO of Fortune Brands

Salary: $1,100,000 Bonus: $0 Stock awards: $6,040,703 Options awards: $1,465,298 Non-equity incentive pay: $1,529,440 Change in pension value and deferred compensation: $432,468 Other pay: $167,995 Perks included in other pay: Company aircraft use ($6,807), contribution to employee grantor trust ($73,549), reimbursement for taxes on earnings of the trust related to pension benefits ($43,143), long-term disability reimbursement ($1,033), and life insurance ($27,238). How the company did in 2009: Fortune profit decreased 21 percent to $243 million. Revenue fell 12 percent to $6.69 billion. Fortune shares rose 4.65 percent during the year, closing at $43.20. Photo: Bruce A. Carbonari. (Handout/Peter Wynn Thompson)
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