Alex Brown's answers

How difficult is it to switch from right to left end? --Jesse Anthony, Pinole, Fla.

I played both in college and there's not really a difference. There are some things you can do according to what kind of quarterback you have. If you have a right-handed quarterback and you're on the left side he can see what you're doing. If you're on the other side, he can't see what you're doing over there, so sometimes you can come under, go inside on the tackle. Whatever side gets me on the field is the side I like.

Were you disappointed that Steve Spurrier's Redskins didn't draft you? --Todd, Centerville, Va.

(Laughing) Na, I'm happy where I'm at. I've met a lot of good people here. The rookies that I came in with, I think we're pretty close as a group. The vets don't act like people say they would--they said, "They'll give you a hard time." They may give you a hard time but it's not that bad. It's all fun and games. And when it's time to play and they know you're going to be on that field with them, they treat you like you've been here for a while. They know that you need to get the job done and they're going to help you in any way they can.

Alex, I was a student in the Swamp on that wonderful night -- Sept. 18, 1999 -- when you put Tee Martin on his back five times. Did you have great anticipation that night or did you really figure out Tee's snap count and the Vols just never changed it all night? Good luck this season. --Craig Vitan, Louisville, Ky.

No, I didn't know his snap count. It was really loud at the Swamp, especially when they had the ball. They couldn't hear him, so when he wanted the ball he kind of pushed up on the rear of the center. I noticed that early on in the first and every time he did it I took off. You find stuff like that. You try to find things in every game. If it's going to help you out, then use it. It's just the little stuff that you have to look for. Everybody can't find it and I was just lucky enough to find that one that day.

Alex, who do you model your game after? --Yury, Wheeling, Ill.

Lawrence Taylor, without a doubt. He's the greatest to me. He's the greatest defensive player, the most feared, the most dominant. He changed the game. Going into a game you would say, "We have to do something to these 10 people, but we have to do something special with No. 56." You knew he was going to terrorize your offense and you couldn't do anything about it. He's without a doubt, hands down, my favorite player.

Alex, I'm in my first year of high school football. What position did you play in high school? Thanks, man. --Jimmy Earle, Des Moines, Iowa

In high school I played cornerback my freshman year and then I moved to linebacker. My brother played middle and I played outside. He was a star middle backer and I kind of got stuck outside and liked it. I also played quarterback, if you can believe that. I didn't move to end until my sophomore season at Florida.

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