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Clown-O-Meter: Wesleyan Grad Sues Fox Searchlight Pictures For Giving Him an Unfulfilling Internship

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-The mother of Matthew M. Donohue called Middletown police to say her son threatened to beat up her husband. Police told the Middletown Patch website they reached Donohue, 38, on his cell phone as he was driving and told him he'd be arrested if he showed up at his mother's house. "[W]ill you let me get a few licks in first?" he reportedly asked. Officers allegedly apprehended Donohue with a club covered in duct tape, though he assured them "[Y]ou can leave now, officers, I'll handle this." Also, the stepdad was found pacing around naked and muttering, "I just want to be left alone. … I had a bad past, I was a bad guy."

-Stamford police arrested a man who "challenged officers' authority and refused to put his pants on," according to the Stamford Advocate. The mother of Luis Perez, 18, complained about coming home to find their home a mess and called police when he allegedly swore at her. Officers say they found Perez chilling while pantsless with blankets over his lap. He refused to change, explaining that he was in his "drawers" and "has rights," which apparently warranted a disorderly conduct charge.

-The IT Guy from Hell: According to personnel files obtained by the Connecticut Post, a co-worker accused Matthew Altieri, a database/security administrator for the town of Trumbull until his resignation in July, of sexually harassing her, putting an explicit screensaver on her computer as a joke and typing the URL of a nasty website into the browser of her 12-year-old son's laptop when he visited the office. Altieri, 27, also allegedly looked at porn on his work computer and groped a male coworker.

-Mario Simmons allegedly broke into the Branford residence of his one-time girlfriend brandishing a gun, beat her male friend and then, after she had fled, held him at gunpoint, reports the New Haven Register. Simmons, 26, then shot himself through the hand and into the leg.

-A 17-year-old man asked to borrow a cell phone from a postal carrier in Norwalk. The mailman refused, so the teen allegedly followed his truck and egged him on for a fight before "exposing his penis" and threatening to pee on the vehicle, reports The Hour. Police say the teen eventually threw a punch (presumably after zipping up).

-Newtown spent $42,000 responding to one resident's insistent request that her son's bus stop be moved. Susan McGuinness Getzinger wanted her son to be picked up in front of her house in spite of the school district's policy of not allowing buses to drive down cul de sacs. The town's legal fees added up as she submitted a petition signed by neighbors, a (rejected) claim that her son has special needs and a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the Board of Education's deliberations, reports the Newtown Bee.

-Oxford police say they caught Daniel Patrick Zilli trying to steal copper wire from a Connecticut Light & Power substation. The Oxford Patch website reports this is the third time this year Zilli, 20, was arrested for allegedly trying to steal copper from the same location.

-A Fairfield woman told police that every day for the past three weeks, a man called her phone, began discussing credit card interest rates and then transitioned into sexually obscene remarks, reports the Fairfield Patch site. No word on how she fell for this every day for three weeks.

-Alexander Footman, a 2009 Wesleyan University grad who interned on the production of Black Swan is suing Fox Searchlight Pictures. Footman told the Middletown Press he did not come away with any meaningful experience and was assigned menial tasks, like fetching coffee and mailing packages.

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