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Summer party idea: host a sangria and tapas party

Whether inspired by the sangria blanco at The Bazaar or the menu at Tasca, hosting a sangia and tapas party is a fun way to bring friends and family together.

Nothing is more refreshing than sangria in Los Angeles's summer heat.Spain'spopular fruit–infused punch, which the L.A. Times once called "summer in a glass," pairs perfectly with a variety of tapas, something offering a palette of exciting flavors and textures for everyone to enjoy. Instead of gathering for a large meal at the table, imagine a more casual setup where small bites and quick refills allow guests — and the host — to mix and mingle with ease. Making this party perfect for the Hollywood socialites and L.A. scensters. This festive party is simple to pull together once you realize it's really just about two main components that offer so much variety, you can experiment with a new pairing each time you host.

How to Throw a Sangria & Tapas Party

You'll discover that the best–known sangria is made with Rioja wine, although other Spanish reds are popularly used. White sangria or sangria blanco is made with white varietals, including cava for a bubbly delight. Garnish each with chopped and sliced fruit, including oranges, berries, tangerines, lemons, peaches, nectarines, and even melons and mangos.

Spanish tapas can range from bite–size finger foods to pinchos, or skewered delights. The tradition has evolved over the years, so much so that these small–plate dishes have transcended the bar scene and have become a meal concept on their own. You'll enjoy preparing these delightful dishes and guests will love the variety of flavorful options.


Our Sangria Serveware is the perfect accompaniment for our Spanish–inspired party. Mexican blown glass, admired for its tinted hues from recycled Coke bottles, is our material of choice for a full suite of tapas and sangria serving pieces. Seven different styles come in clear or amber colored glass set a casual tone in both clear and amber colors.

Serve sangria in style with our elevated Blacksmith Sangria Tub and Ladle. An iron stand elevates the deep bowl whose unique imperfections are a trait of blown glass.

Keep plenty of cloth napkins at the small dining tables. Our Linen Hemstitch Napkins add casual texture and make a nice accompaniment to the setting.


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