"Three Tall Women" ★★★½

On a good night — if "good" is the right word — Edward Albee's "Three Tall Women" can make you feel like every other show in town is nothing more than a meditation on pointless ephemera. Another chance for you to fiddle while your life burns. Charles Newell's new Court Theatre production is a really good night. The powerful cast of Lois Markle, Mary Beth Fisher and Maura Kidwell play the three women, eventually distilled to one, and Joel Gross their silent progeny. Albee has argued that life must be lived with an awareness of the imminence of death, and this caustic-but-great American play brings us to the realization that however much we fight with our family members, we always want to see them again on our deathbeds. Through Feb. 13 at Court Theatre, 5535 S. Ellis Ave.; $40-$60 at 773-753-4472 or courttheatre.org
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