Sweat it out

Righteous: The temperature holds steady at a body-attuned 98.6 degrees at the Mercury Method, a just-hot-enough fitness studio in Wicker Park that’ll heat you up without burning you up. In a balmy room lit by an eerie red glow, you’ll plank, roll, lunge and squat (and sweat) your way to a beach vacation physique. 1444 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-661-2994 or themercurymethod.com  

Langorous: It’s the hottest new hotel in town, and the Langham Hotel’s serene Chuan Spa cranks up the temperature even higher. Take plenty of time before and after your massage to stretch out on the locker rooms’ heated, supremely ergonomic lounge chairs — it’s the next best thing to sunning yourself on a desert rock. 330 N. Wabash Ave.; 312-923-7650 or chuanspa.com  

Yeasty: Perspire before you carb-load at the Uptown bakery Baker & Nosh, where you’ll mix, knead and roll your way through a bread basics ($75) or croissant-making ($85) class. Once those giant ovens are fired up, steamy windows are a given. 1303 W. Wilson Ave.; 773-989-7393 or bakerandnosh.com  

Green: Soothe your dry winter skin with a shot of moisture in the Palm House at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, where the temperature holds steady between 72 and 80 degrees and the air will quench your humidity-starved pores. 2391 N. Stockton Dr.; chicagoparkdistrict.com  

Fiery: Heat up over a plate of crazy squid rice, the piri-piri and ghost pepper-laced spiciest dish on the menu at Fat Rice. Owners Abe Conlon and Adrienne Lo say you should approach the dish like a roller coaster ride — first you’ll be scared for your life, then the endorphins will kick in and you’ll want another bite.  2957 W. Diversey Ave.; 773-661-9170 or eatfatrice.com  

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