'Seinfeld' 10 years later

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Louis-Dreyfus, who created one of the most memorable characters in TV history (Elaine Benes), has done what she does best -- TV comedy. "The New Adventures of Old Christine" may -- or may not -- get picked up by CBS this week (though there's speculation ABC may grab it). She has had three major TV roles -- Ellie Riggs, in the short-lived "Watching Ellie," Maggie Lizer in "Arrested Development" and a spunky single mother on "The Adventures of Old Christine" (and she appeared on Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"). And she's raising two sons, 16 and 11. (She's married to TV writer Brad Hall.) The lowdown: Louis-Dreyfus was stuck with the tired old label/cliche, "The Seinfeld Curse," by the press for most of the decade until she scored the lead actress/sitcom Emmy in 2006. Then, the scarlet letter magically melted away. Was it ever fair? Not really. "Ellie" was a good show -- innovative and sometimes funny -- and even featured a before-he-was-famous Steve Carell. Ditto "Christine." No one ever expected "Seinfeld Redux." Or should have. Grade: B-plus
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