Protesters evicted from tent city on vacant land near health clinic

Protestors who were evicted from their makeshift tent-city near a South Side mental health clinic say they were evicted overnight by Chicago Police—but shouldn’t have been.

Early this morning, police officers took down the tents, telling the protester they had to disperse or face arrest for trespassing on private property.

Organizers went to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds office this morning and claim they discovered they were not camped out on the property of the Woodlawn Community Development Corporation. Protesters say someone from that company swore out a police complaint last night and got the protesters evicted by Chicago police, but police say no arrests were made and they have no record of complaints being signed, which usually would result in arrest.

Occupy Chicago sent out word on its Twitter page that arrests had been made at a protest that the same site this afternoon, but information on the arrests could not immediately be confirmed with police.

Three vacant parcels, 6320, 6324 and 6330 S. Woodlawn Ave., are owned by the city, and two nearby parcels, 6310 and 6312 S. Woodlawn Ave., are ownedy Woodlawn Community Development Corp., said Peter Strazzabosco, spokesman for the city's Housing and Economic Development Department.

Activists say they are now reorganizing, deciding what their next move will be, which could include putting back up their tents.

The protestors have been at the Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic since last week.

They have been camping in a vacant lot across the street from the clinic.

The Woodlawn clinic is one of six facilities scheduled to close April 30th due to city budget cuts.

The protesters remain at the clinic this afternoon demanding the city keep the facility open.

Last Friday, 23 people were arrested during a sit-in inside the clinic.

Tribune reporter Liam Ford contributed

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