Kersten Magrum, Lincoln-Way East

Basketball, soccer Class rank: 84 of 948. College: Illinois. The coaching staff is creating a powerhouse program and I would love to be a part of the new program and be able to represent my state. Also a big factor was the team and my new teammates. Major: Undecided. Dream job: If I could make money playing basketball that would be the best job, or coaching or working in trauma. Role models: Parents. Favorite movies: "Rocky" and "The Lion King." Favorite TV shows: "Grey's Anatomy" and "One Tree Hill." Pet: Kali and Rocky are my dogs, and I have a betta fish named Roover. My brothers own two ferrets named Zeus and Hercules and a bearded dragon named Chief because of the orange stripe. Last book you read for fun: "Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers." MySpace, Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. Fave 1: Now that I'm in college it would have to be my family, but friends-wise it would be Kelly and Liz. Cubs or White Sox: Neither--not a baseball fan. But I would have to choose Sox. Hobbies: Sleeping, shopping, eating, hanging out, watching movies, coaching-- things that normal teenagers do. Best high school sports memory: Any joke or funny thing that happened in the locker room. One word to describe your high school experience: Dynamite.
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