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Samantha Rubright, Fenton

Volleyball, basketball, softball Class rank: 1 of 343. College: Illinois Wesleyan. It is excellent academically and provided me with the opportunity to play the two sports I love most--basketball and softball. Major: Biology/pre-med. Dream job: Surgeon. Role model: I don't really have one. Favorite movie: Currently "The Hangover." It changes pretty frequently. Favorite TV show: "Friends." I have never failed to laugh at an episode. Pets: I have a dog named Wrigley and a cat named Lambo. Last book you read for fun: The "Twilight" series. Favorite sporting event: My favorite sport to watch on TV is college basketball, but my favorite to attend is baseball. MySpace, Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. Fave 1: It changes weekly. Cubs or White Sox: Cubs! Hobbies: Besides sports and school, just hanging out and relaxing from my usually hectic schedule. Best high school sports memory: Having my jersey retired in softball this year. It was the first and only time high school sports have brought me to tears. One word to describe your high school experience: Fulfilling.
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