Brittany Smith, Oak Park

Track and field, basketball Class rank: 1 of 816. College: Illinois State. It's not too close and not too far, the track team is awesome and they have one of the best education programs in the nation. And food is never hard to find in Bloomington-Normal. Major: Math education. Dream job: Olympic thrower. Role models: My mom and siblings. Favorite movies: All of the "Harry Potters." Favorite TV show: "CSI: Las Vegas." Pet: Pit bull named Sandy. Last book you read for fun: "Catcher in the Rye." Favorite sporting event: Oak Park basketball games. MySpace, Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. Fave 1: My boyfriend, Shawn. Cubs or White Sox: It doesn't matter. Hobbies: Eating and cleaning. Best high school sports memories: State track meets. One word to describe your high school experience: Sweaty.
Chicago Tribune
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