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E-books bring our best to you

As a Digital Plus member, you have full access to one of the Chicago Tribune's newest ventures: E-books.

Partnering with Agate Publishing of Evanston, the Tribune has produced more than 15 e-books showcasing some of our finest journalism, including news and feature stories, columns and photography. The broad assortment of titles draws on contemporary material as well as the Tribune’s deep archives and delves into current affairs, biography, sports, cooking and other topics. Two of our e-books – “The Best of Mary Schmich” and “John Kass’s Odyssey” – feature the work of two of Chicago's most popular and provocative voices.

Among our other titles are "Charlie Trotter,” a fast-paced personal history of the culinary superstar; “Prep School,” filled with clear and insightful meal-preparation tips and advice; “Chicago Bears: The Drive to 2012,” a compilation of offseason moves that built a team of high hopes; and “Capone,'' which includes never-before-published photos produced from glass negatives preserved in the Tribune vault.

More e-books are on their way. They’ll cover, among other topics, the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, former Mayor Richard M. Daley and tasty holiday recipes.

All are collected here, at your disposal. Just select the format and device that's right for you and download.

If you've got an e-book suggestion, we invite you to send it to ebooks@tribune.com. And watch our – and your – collection grow.

Enjoy the reads!

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