Takeout: Michigan Avenue

Bandera, 535 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-644-3524, hillstone.com It's a (small) chain on a street awash in predictable chains. For fast casual, it's not dirt cheap (try getting out for less than $15). It's best ordered in-the fantastically craveable corn bread, if you stick around, arrives at your table in a (scalding) cast-iron skillet. As takeout, however, it's better, and juicier, than it needs to be. For instance, that French dip ($18). Even after sitting in a plastic container for a few minutes, it emerges red and succulent, a roll of lean and fragrant prime rib (and plenty of it, enough for leftovers). Comes with long, thin, charred hand-cut fries. If you believe a slight burn to food is a good thing--well, here you go.
Christopher Borrelli/Tribune
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