Literary resolutions for 2011

Tribune reporter

What are your resolutions for the year ahead? Posing the question both in print and online, here are some highlights we heard from readers.

From Facebook and email:

"Read, read, read...I feel like I used to have (make?) so much more time to read in the past. I miss reading. Thank heavens for audiobooks, but I miss the printed word." (via Melissa Henderson)

"Carve out one hour each day to read by letting a few things slide, minimizing distractions, and shutting down the computer and phone." (via Mary Kelly Burke)

"Re-read Ellman's bio of James Joyce. By Bloomsday." (via Mary Nell Murphy)

From Twitter:

"Read whatever @SueJustBooks and @DevourerofBooks recommend." (via Margie from @JustBooks)

"Read more independent books." (via @EZReadBooks)

"To finish the [my] first novel..." (via @JeremyEmling)

"To read what's on the nightstand nightly, shop at local bookstores, help libraries survive, support small vendors and publishers." (via @inmybook, Robin Blum)

"More short stories." (via @RebeccaJohns71)

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