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Lakefront is in constant danger of exploitation

Except for the existing Museum Campus, starting with the monstrosity of the intrusive McCormick Place east of Lake Shore Drive, the entire lakefront and our public parks are in constant danger of exploitation by commercially motivated and special interests and a Chicago Park District that thinks of the lakefront as undeveloped land.

Need we list the endless threats that have continued to pop up one by by one?

The blessing of an open, clear and free lakefront is Chicago's version of the peerless Central Park in New York, and planning should be for expanding it north and south not chiseled away with new construction projects and paved over with shortsighted, clout-driven invasions.

The one thing that would establish Chicago as a world-class city is to preserve and protect its world-class lakefront park as Daniel Burnham conceived it, and the enlightened backstop lakefront ordinance is intended to keep that promise.

The public needs to show its rage against all those who scheme to destroy it.

-- Herb Caplan, Protect Our Parks, Chicago

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