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Report: Cop shot at 95-year-old veteran 5 times with beanbag rounds

In the confrontation that led to the death of 95-year-old John Wrana at the hands of Park Forest police last July, an officer fired five beanbag rounds from a shotgun at the World War II veteran, according to Tribune columnist John Kass, who has seen the official Illinois State Police report.

Previous police statements had not specified how many shots were fired at Wrana, but the report says there were five, coming after a police officer’s unsuccessful attempt to stun Wrana with a Taser at his assisted-living facility in the south suburbs.

The report says Wrana, who needed a cane or a walker to get around, was wielding a knife with a seven-inch blade, and that police took action to subdue him because they feared for the safety of themselves and others.

According to the report, police initially thought that a dark metal shoehorn being brandished by Wrana was a “machete.”

The beanbag rounds caused internal bleeding that killed Wrana.

For more, read the full column by John Kass.

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