Jamal Crawford, Al Harrington

Jamal Crawford of the New York Knicks will be traded to the Golden State Warriors, according to reports. The Knicks are also expected to announce a trade for Al Harrington.

The trade is expected later Friday. It's unclear if Crawford will be the only player traded to Golden State.

Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni said on Friday that his roster was likely to change before the Knicks' game against the Bucks on Friday night, acknowledging reports that Knicks president Donnie Walsh was working on several trades.

"Let's wait until it happens — if it happens," D'Antoni said before the morning shootaround. "Obviously, that would be tampering if I said something."

D'Antoni said he expected Walsh to make moves to reshape the team in hopes of clearing salary cap space before the summer of 2010, and this might be the first.

"The thing is, I think this will happen a few times during the year, because I think Donnie has got his plan, and he will execute it as he sees fit," D'Antoni said. "And we'll go forward. Now is this the first step? I don't know for sure."

Crawford said he first heard about the potential deal Thursday night and now considers it "more likely" than not that the trade will happen. But he wasn't letting it bother him.

"When I was younger, when I first got in the league and you hear trade rumors, (I was) nervous then," Crawford said. "But now? No. Because you can't worry about stuff you can't control."

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