Here's how I'd have sentenced Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky got 30-60 years in prison. It wasn’t enough.

Nothing would be enough to count as justice for the heinous acts of child abuse Sandusky committed.

That’s additionally true in the wake of his latest laughable claims, saying everyone conspired against him.

No, you abhorrent idiot, everyone conspired FOR you.

That’s why this sick story of Sandusky’s child sexual abuse on and around the Penn State campus goes back more than a decade and probably more than three decades.

That’s why the charity Sandusky founded in 1979 that allowed him to groom human sex toys was ruined.

That’s why Penn State’s administration became a toxic waste dump.

That’s why a legendary coach who refused to do the right thing has been exposed as a fraud who facilitated child rape and wears a legacy of disgust forever unless you’re a garden-variety Penn State mouthbreather.

That’s why Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse for molesting 10 boys over 15 years, some in the football team’s showers on campus.

And that’s why other cases related to this retch-inducing horror will continue for a while.

But on the eve of his Tuesday sentencing, Sandusky and his screwball attorney sent a tape to the Penn State student radio station in which the pedophile denied committing the “alleged disgusting acts.’’

Words can’t do justice to the ghastly acts committed by Sandusky and the enabling of those acts by those in charge of the school. But I’ll condense it to this: Sandusky is nuts.

He was deranged when he was free to commit the acts that are no longer allegations but convictions. He is deranged now that he has been sentenced to go to prison and not leave unless it’s in a coffin.

The 68-year-old Sandusky would be 98 by the time he could first hope to slink out of prison. It wasn’t enough. I wanted Judge John Cleland to hand out the maximum for everyone of the 45 convictions. I wanted the judge to rattle off each charge and punishment, forcing Sandusky to endure it as helplessly as he forced his victims to.

Sandusky essentially got a life sentence. I was in favor of taking his life as the price for his horrifying range of despicable acts against little boys.

Unfortunately, killing Sandusky isn’t an option under Pennsylvania law. If I were the judge, I would’ve been agonizingly frustrated.

But I also would be creatively vengeful.

Judge Rosenbloom would’ve given Sandusky the maximum sentence that would cover 442 years. But that would’ve been just for yuks because I also would’ve ordered that the pedophile be released into the general prison population every day.

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