Horace Grant

Horace Grant on the 1991 Bulls: Just seeing the Bulls play on TV now, I cant’ believe it’s been 20 years. It seems like it was just yesterday. Myself, Scottie, Bill, MJ, you know, John Paxson, all of us just running up and down the court. But it has been 20 years. Overall, it was just the growing of togetherness of a group of guys who depended on each other on the court. Just the camaraderie, the respect, the learning process that we had is my memory. Specifically, getting over that hump called the Detroit Pistons. For so many years when you try to climb that mountain, each time you make a bigger step towards the top. Once you get to that top, you feel like you’re King. But then the reality kicks in that you have another series to play in and that’s the Finals. That’s one of the reasons that we lost that first game. Beating Detroit was so exhausting. And not taking anything away from the Lakers. Magic, Perkins, Byron Scott, great team. Once we gathered ourselves and we had another guy. The true fans and Chicago sports have some of the most electrifying fans in the world. They understand what we accomplished is so difficult. They respected the hard work, the togetherness that we had. It doesn’t surprise me. Each and every one of the guys who stepped on the court gave it everything they had. The fans appreciated that. 50 years from now, they’re still going to respect what we did as a team. You look at a guy like Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, Chet Walker, you go all the way back, those fans still realize what those guys did before us brought to Chicago Bulls basketball. It’s a wonderful thing that the Bulls are honoring us. There’s nothing like that first. I think it just shows you what type of organization the Bulls is and always will be.
Charles Cherney, Chicago Tribune
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