Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding Heart)

This is one of the favorites of Tiffany Evans, a senior project manager in residential design at Douglas Hoerr Landscape Architecture Inc. Why she loves it: These dark pink flowers look like hearts suspended gracefully from arching branches. About Dicentra spectabilis: Bleeding heart grows 2 to 3 feet in height and 1 1/2 to 2 feet wide in late spring to early summer What it likes: Partial shade and moisture during the summer. Tricks of the trade: To avoid any bare patches in your garden after it goes dormant, plant it to rise as a surprise through ground cover. Best buds: Old-fashoned bleeding heart looks great rising through Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Carpet' or paired with a tall blue flowering columbine such as Aquilegia vulgaris 'Winky Blue and White.'
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