Facebook introduces Snapchat-like Slingshot app

Scott Kleinberg
Contact ReporterChicago Tribune Social Media Editor

Facebook is launching something new today.

It's a little bit Instagram and a little bit Snapchat. Slingshot is an app centered around a new way of sharing photos and videos. Like Snapchat, which Facebook even mentions in its blog post announcing the product, the content doesn't stick around forever. Also like Snapchat, you can draw or add text to your photos.

But here's the catch, and what makes the app unique: Your friends won't be able to see your shot until they sling something back to you. They can react in a reply or not, but Slingshot means you have to participate to join the conversation.

First reaction without having friends to do much testing: It's like social media ping pong. So if you have someone who refuses to sling something back, they'll be left wondering what you posted in the first place. 

Slingshot is available now for iPhones running iOS7 and the Jelly Bean and KitKat versions of Android. You can click here to download.

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